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Our Groups


We are very blessed at SJDR with a vibrant youth ministry. Check out the descriptions below for more information about what is offered around our campus. If you would like to know ways to help with our youth events, click here.

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Middle School Youth Group
2023/2024 MSYG Registration

Middle School Youth Group, grades 7th-8th, aims to present the truths of the Catholic faith in a hands-on and relevant format. Our MSYG are once-a-month themed events. MSYG meets once a month - Wednesday from 4:30-5:30pm and 6:30-7:30pm. Sunday Mass 5-6pm. Please check the calendar for dates.

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High School Youth Ministry
2023/2024 HSYG Registration

A typical night of high school youth group can consists of personal witnesses, small group discussions, games, music, fellowship, and fun! Youth group presents a great opportunity to meet and interact with other teens of faith. High School Youth Group is held on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:30 pm in the Parish Auditorium. Sunday Mass 5-6pm. Please check the calendar for a reminder on times and dates.

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Young Adult Ministry
YAM Registration Form

An accompaniment ministry of men and women in their late teens, twenties and thirties through community, evangelization and catechesis, prayer & spirituality, leadership development and engagement in the mission of our Church. 

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Discipleship & Leadership Group

Leaders' Application Form

High School & Middle School Team Leaders

This is a mentorship program focused on equipping teens to develop  professional, leadership, personal and spiritual growth.

Retreat Team Leaders

This team is a group of confirmed teens facilitating various retreats such as Confirmation, HSYG or MSYG Edge. Discernment of leadership roles are mandatory.

Catholic Sons & Daughters of SJDR

A group focused on building Catholic young men and women through faith and service run entirely by a council of peers. (Ages 10-18 yrs.)

Youth Liturgical & Music Ministry

Please contact Ms. Mo for dates of Orientation & Training.

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Parish Youth Retreats


We have a multitude of retreats opportunities throughout the year to allow our youth to set aside time to deepen their faith. The youth retreats aims to give teens the opportunity and tools to deepen their personal relationship with God and build fellowship with each other. 

Throughout the year, Diocesan retreats will also be shared. Please check the calendar for dates.

Conferences and Rallies


In addition to all the wonderful opportunities offered within our parish, we also give our youth the opportunity to branch out from our San Juan del Rio community. 


Steubenville is a huge youth conference that consists of thousands of rising 9th graders through graduating seniors all trying to deepen their relationship with Christ. It is held once a year in the summertime. Mpact, Rise Up and the DYC are both wonderful opportunities put on by the Diocese of St. Augustine. These are a great way for our teens to meet and interact with others within our diocese. Please check the calendar for dates.

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